Private Banking Testimonials

“The private banking group has been the perfect bridge between us and the various units of the bank. They are very accessible, very cordial and are filled with genuine enthusiasm. They really do pull out all stops to ensure that we are continuously satisfied with the bank and her services”
Engr. Okezie Akwiwu, Managing Director/ Chief Executive, Hyprops Nig
“It is with great pleasure that I want to put a few words down on the relationship we have had with Fidelity Bank PLC across our various needs, different companies and complex undertakings in the Oil and Gas Sector.
In most cases we are involved in complex and unique projects that require speed, accuracy, professionalism and above all ‘thinking outside the box’ while complying with statutory imperatives and an array of business, shipping, international partner dynamics, pre shipment inspection and sundry matters
We must say un-equivocally that Fidelity Bank has met and surpassed all our needs and aspirations especially when Private Banking Group interfaces with the Oil and Gas Upstream department – they are primus interpares!
For the most part, they are willing to come to you and at your convenience anytime, anywhere And, for very busy, itinerant people that travel a lot it is a relationship like no other.
We can safely say that our top management especially our CEO has not been to the Bank on any issue for over ten years because Fidelity Bank Private Bank working together in synch with the Upstream Oil and Gas sector has been competent and well bred professionals that practically brings the bank to you!
On the few occasions we had sent the same proposals with similar parameters to other financial institutions, Fidelity Bank has been a cut above the rest.
A quintessential example is when we were exploring a business opportunity of procuring shallow water drilling platforms for Nigeria – it took a few phone calls and a visit from the Private Banking Group and the Upstream Oil and Gas Group to get a multimillion dollar letter of intent which helped us to leverage, optimize our position with our principals while other banks were still waiting to have a roundtable with their upper management
Bottom line is that: Fidelity Bank through the PBG and the O&G Group has been first class across board and we will continue to interface and do business with them for as long as they maintain their excellent competitive age, follow up and follow through on complex transactions
Indeed, Fidelity through the activities of the two banking groups is a; One stop bank!”
Dan Ngerem, Chief Executive, Hensen Trust Ltd
As a salary earner I have had dreams; one of which is to own a multifaceted business, the essence basically is to leave a legacy for my generation yet unborn. This I may not have achieved earlier without the assistance of Fidelity Private Banking.

Before I came in contact with Fidelity Private Banking Group I had shared my ideas with quite a number of banks who would initially buy the idea with promises to assist which unfortunately never came through. Having come in contact with Fidelity Private Bank, they provided funding to secure a building which was massive and is today known as MAYFAIR GARDEN ESTATE CLUB, located inLagos. There we operate an outdoor bar & entertainment, swimming pool, gymnasium, fast food and in house club. We also rent out halls for wedding and meetings/conferences etc.

The best part of acquiring the property which was totally funded by Fidelity bank is the fact that my unborn generation will continue from wherever I stop. Furthermore, the bank didn’t stop at funding the acquisition but also saw to it that we had fund to conclude with the building of the complex and setting up each division. The revenue from this investment is substantial enough to repay the bank loans and overhead costs, ranging from salary(s) to vendors without hassles. All thanks to Fidelity Banking Private Banking Team.

Sam Atsepoyi, Managing Director/CEO: Mayfair Garden Ltd