Asset Management
(Discretionary & Non-Discretionary)

For investors who wish to benefit from our local and offshore market expertise, we build each portfolio, balance risk and rewards.

Estate Planning Service

Our Estate planning services are available for those clients concerned about the protection of their assets from financial, fiscal or political risks.

Trustee Advisory Service

Clients who are concerned about the protection and transfer of their assets can rely on our experienced trustees services knowledgeable in dealing with legal, taxation and investment matters.

Pension Funds Advisory Service

Our experts are available to deliver quality financial advice on the best pension solutions for you.

Tax Planning Service

Clients who require personalised solutions to a myriad of tax issues or tax challenges are provided with the foremost tax advisers available.


Our insurance solutions can help you deal with unforeseen events, enhance investment efficiency and provide significant estate planning benefits. We provide solutions that are important for protecting and preserving your wealth. For example, your family may need life insurance for estate tax planning purposes, business succession planning, long-term care, wealth transfer planning. We also provide insurance for personal safety, and protection of valuables such as automobiles, homes, yacht, private planes and business deals. Our solutions will meet your objectives.