Asset Management
(Discretionary & Non-Discretionary)

For investors who wish to benefit from our local and offshore market expertise, we build each portfolio, balance risk and rewards.
We ensure to meet your needs, whether you prefer a discretionary portfolio or desire to control your investments- with a thorough review of your financials, our expertise will guide and provide enduring solutions that will nurture your investment.
We will ensure that:

  • Your Portfolio Manager offers you advice on suitable investment opportunities.
  • Transactions are implemented as instructed and all necessary administrative procedures have been dually administered.
  • Identify early warning signals and assist with timely recommendations with credit analysis and risk ratings.
  • Your assets are managed and monitored under strict supervision.

Estate Planning Service

Our Estate planning services are available for those clients concerned about the protection of their assets from financial, fiscal or political risks.

Advisory Service

We build alliances with our clients by understanding their specific needs while providing recommendations on risk, time horizon and return on investment. With our specialist knowledge, you receive optimal guidelines on financial planning of large asset purchases and sales, payments optimization and diversification of assets.
Our tailored investment advisory service includes, but not limited to:

  • Analysis on Investment portfolio
  • Investment tools in money and stock market
  • Investment in real estate, fixed income and private equity funds

Pension Funds Advisory Service

Our experts are available to deliver quality financial advice on the best pension solutions for you.

Tax Planning Service

Clients who require personalised solutions to a myriad of tax issues or tax challenges are provided with the foremost tax advisers available.


Our insurance solutions can help you deal with unforeseen events, enhance investment efficiency and provide significant estate planning benefits. We provide solutions that are important for protecting and preserving your wealth. For example, your family may need life insurance for estate tax planning purposes, business succession planning, long-term care, wealth transfer planning. We also provide insurance for personal safety, and protection of valuables such as automobiles, homes, yacht, private planes and business deals. Our solutions will meet your objectives.

Alternative Investment opportunity

We provide assets and strategies available for investors- including Private Equity, Fixed Income and Real Estate.

Risk warning

Please be aware that the capital value and income derived from an investment may appreciate as well as depreciate and individuals may not receive the full amount invested in return.