Fidelity Bank Celebrates Global Ethics Day

On October 17 2018, Fidelity Bank joined the rest of the world to celebrate Global Ethics Day aptly themed “Ethics in Action,” While admonishing all staff to imbibe the right work ethics in a message on Tuesday, MD/CEO Nnamdi Okonkwo said that the event offers the bank an excellent opportunity to sensitize staff members on the importance of ethics and professionalism in the work place in order to preserve their jobs and the institution as a whole.

Pointedly, MD restated the fact that a strong ethical culture within an organisation’s day-today activity is important in safeguarding the organisation’s assets which includes diverse customers of the organisation. “It is our resolve as a Bank to ensure every Fidelity person imbibes the right work ethics as we take part in the week- long awareness campaign”, he said.

This particularly speaks to the very essence of our Bank as a financial institution that upholds ETHICS IN ACTION the values of workplace ethics and at the same time reaffirms our promise keeping objective to customers who are our most valuable asset.

As part of activities to mark the Global Ethics Day, the Bank organised programmes focusing on Ethics such as Thursday lectures, quiz and general awareness messages.