Our electronic banking services enables you to have a “Banking on the go” experience. This includes:

Internet Banking: Grants you access to your account and facilities funds transfer.
Mobile Banking: Banking on your phone anywhere.

Fidelity Visa Debit Card

The Fidelity Visa Debit Card is a card that enables Fidelity account holders utilize their Visa card in any country’s currency where Visa cards are accepted as a mode of payment. The card can be used on current or savings account without opening a domiciliary account.


  • Access to funds anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Risk of carrying cash is eliminated.
  • Access to local currency of country where you are using the card.
  • Convenience and flexibility of use of the card to carry out most payment transactions.
  • Card has additional security for online transaction that minimize fraud called Verified by Visa(VBV)

Fidelity Visa Debit Dual Card

This is a dual currency card attached to 2 accounts:


  • A naira current account and a domiciliary account.
  • Enables online transactions (web payment)
  • Card is EMV chip and Pin secured.
  • This enables the card to be used in any country all over the world that accepts Visa international cards as a mode of payment.

Fidelity Visa Gold Card

This debit card is linked to your Account and grants access to exclusive discounts and other benefits at luxury hotels and spas, select stores and other premium outlets.


  • Regular VISA debit card features
  • Discounts at premium retail outlets (locally)
  • Access to our Annual Private Banking Dinner

Fidelity Credit Cards

This product is designed to offer the cardholder a credit line that will enable the payment of goods and services at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal, web-based transactions or to make cash withdrawals via ATM.